Jilin Changqing Ginseng Co., Ltd.
Service Hotline

Jilin Changqing Ginseng Co., Ltd. CQ ginseng, is a private company.It lies in ji'an, a little city with long and unipue ginseng culture , where Panax ginseng originated and was plandted in its early existence. Now the areas are one of the biggest GAP bases plantation.  With fine ecological and historical environment, CQ ginseng specializes in ginseng extract and develops  other ginseng productions.All the extracts can be used for pharmaceutical intermediate,  food additives, healthy care producte and cosmetics.

CQ Ginseng occupies 9000squares, and has 80 staffers. the company has developed a close cooperative relationship with universities and scientific research institutions, formed a scientific and creative system led by the famous expers and scholars in the State. Now the company develops more than four sries products. Some of them are sold to Hong Kong,  America, Malaysia, and Europe.

CQ Ginseng is responsible for ensuring that all the materials are from the natural, they are safe, nutritious and suitable for eating,  pharmaceutics, cosmetics or things like this.

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